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The Enclosed Instruction Book is a radio show hosted by Martin Bonica which spotlights independent artists and musicians, primarily in the DC metro area.
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The Enclosed Instruction Book is a radio show hosted by Martin Bonica which spotlights independent artists and musicians, primarily in the DC metro area. Each week, a different musician joins us in the studio to discuss their music and share a selection of songs.

The show can be heard live every Friday at 11 PM EST on Fairfax Public Access, either on cable channel 37 (in the Fairfax, VA area) or at

Edited versions of the show, in podcast form, can be found here. See the icons above for links to our Facebook page, an RSS feed, and the iTunes page.

Apr 2, 2016
202 - Old Souls Singer-Songwriter Showcase

On March 5, 2016, a concert took place at Epicure Cafe in the city of Fairfax, Virginia, presented by Sarah A. Foote and Ryan Durbin, featuring original music performed by intelligient, creative, and reflective young women.


This week's episode features highlights of the show, recorded by Martin and hosted by Sarah Foote. A Q/A session with the artist is also included.


Songs included:

Helen Aire:

Share Today

Graypea (Emily McGrath):

Little Old Big Me
What You Ordered

Caroline Weinroth (Cinema Heats):

If You Go

Birds For Eyes (Casey Meyer):

No Way To Be

Lyndsay Mikalauskas (Lynds Mika):

Contradictory Heart
Slaves to the Negatives

Rachel Kline:

Brittani's Anthem
It's Not You It's Me


The performers' music:


Mar 19, 2016
201 - Fake Bodies

This week's episode features the entirety of Woodbridge, VA-area punk outfit Fake Bodies, who discusses their latest release, "Sad Tales of a Trapezoid", their approach to songwriting, and the unique challenges faced by a young DIY punk band in Woodbridge.

Songs included:

Fake Bodies - Sad Tales of a Trapezoid

Fake Bodies - Stupidity

Fake Bodies - What Now


Fake Bodies' website:

Dec 12, 2015
108 - Walkabout

This week's episode features Drew Hyde, Doug Finch, Connor Doyle, and Jesse Harman of Fairfax County indie rock band Walkabout. The band discusses their influences, and their approach to songwriting and performing. Other topics touched upon include the musical community at George Mason University, the band's preferred frequency of rehearsals, and future plans for recording and performing. Selections off of their current release "It's All Make Believe" and upcoming EP "Coyote Beach Club" are played and discussed.


Songs included:

Walkabout - Take Any Rug in the House

Walkabout - Subway Walls

Walkabout - A Big American


Walkabout's bandcamp:

Dec 5, 2015
107 - Foster Carrots

This week's episode features Felix Donate-Perez of Foster Carrots, which operates out of Arlington, VA and Kalamazoo, Michigan. The interview, conducted remotely from Kalamazoo, touches on Felix's approach to songwriting, musical and lyrical composition, recording techniques, influences, and future goals for Foster Carrots.

Songs included:

Foster Carrots - ghost party

Foster Carrots - drowning

Skinky - urgency

Foster Carrots - sixteen


Foster Carrots' bandcamp:

Nov 21, 2015
106 - Derek Zuk

This week's episode features Derek Zuk, a singer-songwriter-guitarist-producer operating primarily out of Richmond, Virginia - although this interview is conducted via linkup from Austin, Texas. Derek discusses songs off his latest LP, "Sick", as well as the EP that preceded it, "Facing the Pinky Gray Mirror"; he goes into detail about his songwriting approach, his DIY recording methods, his motivation for making music, and the contrast between living in Austin and Richmond.

Songs included:

Derek Zuk - World

Derek Zuk - Pink Mirror

Derek Zuk - Disappear/Dead End

Derek Zuk's bandcamp:

Nov 14, 2015
105 - Dan Abh

This week's episode features Dan Abh, the drummer for Alexandria-area band Oklahoma Car Crash, prolific recording engineer and producer for many DC-area artists, as well as the Community Coordinator for Convergence.

He discusses his experiences recording, playing, and booking shows in the DC area in the past ten years, as well as his songwriting and production methods, and gives us a sneak peek at Oklahoma Car Crash's upcoming album "Sunset Skin" as well as a previously-unreleased mix of Hayden Arp and Ella Sophia's cover of Rebecca vs Mexico's "Flashlights".


Song's included:

Oklahoma Car Crash - Laundry

Oklahoma Car Crash - Somewhere Beautiful

Hayden Arp & Ella Sophia - Flashlights (alternate mix)

Oklahoma Car Crash - The Worst Nights


Oklahoma Car Crash's Bandcamp:

The Lab All Ages' website:

Nov 7, 2015
104 - Atoka Chase

This week's episode features Maya Renfro and Jared Garland of the Western Loudoun folk duo Atoka Chase. The pair discuss their development as musicians, their influences, songwriting methodology, and approach to recording. Songs off their latest LP, "Grief, Sir, is the Shadow's Companion", are highlighted, as well as Renfro's work with Knife Dikes and as a solo artist.


Songs included:

Atoka Chase - Tick Tock

Atoka Chase - My Father

Knife Dikes - The Lockett

Maya Renfro - Still of an Interview with D.F.W.

Atoka Chase - Black Pot


Atoka Chase's bandcamp:

Atoka Chase's website:

Oct 31, 2015
103 - Micro Massive

Chris Cassaday, Adam Bush, and Sean Moran are this week's guests, discussing their Arlington, VA-based rock band Micro Massive. The group discusses their influences, composing style, goals and challenges.

Songs included (as written for Micro Massive and performed by Chris Cassaday):

Chris Cassaday - Invisible Man

Chris Cassaday - Harder the Climb

Chris Cassaday - Mountain Time

Micro Massive's Facebook:

Oct 24, 2015
102 - Danny Shyti

This week's episode features the prolific drummer Danny Shyti, who in this episode discusses his work with the DC-area experimental jazz outfit The Shadow Girl Sound Collective, as well as Northern Virginia-area folk band Atoka Chase, as well as NoVA/Richmond electronic act Cave Quest.

Songs include:

The Shadow Girl Sound Collective - Conviction

The Shadow Girl Sound Collective - Hands Up/Psychic Moose

The Shadow Girl Sound Collective - Politics

Atoka Chase - Abraham

Atoka Chase - Jealousy

Cave Quest - Untitled


Shadow Girl Sound Collective's website:

Atoka Chase's website:


Oct 17, 2015
101 - Vince Kane & The Incurables

The show's second season begins with an in-the-field interview with Richmond-area singer-songwriter-guitarist-producer Vince Klug of Vince Kane & The Incurables. Vince discusses his songwriting, musical influences, and business challenges faced by DIY artists in Richmond and elsewhere.


Songs included:

Vince Kane & The Incurables - Despair

Vince Kane & The Incurables - Time

Vince Kane & The Incurables - Afraid


Vince Kane & The Incurables' Website:

Aug 15, 2015
010 - rEGRETS

This week's guest is Silver Spring-area singer-songwriter-producer Alex Cloud, frontman of rEGRETS. Alex discusses the recording and development of his latest EP, "Root", as well as its precursor "Home Alone", in addition to performing recitations of his short stories and poems "To My Pen", "Jay", and exerpts of "The Lovely Fields".


Songs included:

rEGRETS - Colors

rEGRETS - Collie

rEGRETS - A Place In The Woods

Alex Cloud's website:

rEGRETS' bandcamp:

Aug 8, 2015
009 - Ella Boissonnault

This week's guest is DC and Boston-based singer-songwriter Ella Boisonnault, who discusses her solo project Lady Pills, as well as her role as keyboardist and co-vocalist for Boston band Birthday Boy. Selections are played from Lady Pills' "Limerence" EP and Birthday Boy's "St. Freud" LP, and Ella discusses her songwriting approach and background as a music student and performing artist.

Songs included:

Lady Pills - First Time

Lady Pills - Sleepovers and Definitions

Birthday Boy - Flame

Lady Pills - Flicker

Lady Pills' website:

Birthday Boy's website:


Aug 1, 2015
008 - Eddie Fuentes

This week's guest is Fairfax-area singer-songwriter-guitarist-producer Eddie Fuentes, frontman of progressive rock band I Am The Kaleidoscope as well as his solo project, The Red Tree. Eddie discusses his development as a musician, his approach to songwriting, and how he manages his career as a DIY artist; he also performs an exclusive in-studio rendition of "Seeing, Reversed".

Songs included:

The Red Tree - Seeing, Reversed (live)

The Red Tree - Carousel

I Am The Kaleidocope - S.F.T.

The Red Tree - Ojos


The Red Tree's websites:

I Am The Kaleidoscope's website:

Jul 25, 2015
007 - Matt Jackson

This week's guest is New Orleans-area hip-hop artist and producer Matt Jackson, frontman of Lord Slime, as well as occaisional score composer and frontman of the Herndon-area group The Landing Party. Matt discusses his work as Lord Slime, including some new tracks as well as some material off of his "R.U. Slime Vol. I" album, his score and production work in New Orleans, and The Landing Party. (The Landing Party drummer Ethan Rundlett and keyboardist Martin Bonica also appear serendipitously.)

Songs included:

Lord Slime - You Nork

Lord Slime - Social Butterflies

Matt Jackson - Steel Drums #2

The Landing Party - Reality

The Landing Pary - Pivot

Lord Slime - Small Fries

Lord Slime's websites:

The Landing Party's website:

Jul 18, 2015
006 - Jenson Dove

Sterling/Richmond-area folk musician Devon Jones discusses his current project, "Jenson Dove", as well as his former project "Oh! My Glory Days".


Songs included:

Jenson Dove - Tired Bones

Jenson Dove - Level 5 Rouge

Oh! My Glory Days - Something Else

Oh! My Glory Days - What A Waste of Time

Jenson Dove - Down Here I Know


Jenson Dove's website:

Jul 11, 2015
005 - Rachel Kline

This week's guest is Falls Church-area singer-songwriter Rachel Kline, who discusses her new EP, "Manic Pixie Dream Girl", as well as her previous release, "Demons".

Songs included:
Rachel Kline - Demons

Rachel Kline - Holy War

Rachel Kline - Manic Pixie Dream Girl


Rachel Kline's website

Jul 4, 2015
004 - DJ Trammel

DJ Trammel, guitarist/vocalist/songwriter of Alexandria/Herndon-area bands Cape Farewell and Be Still, Cody, discusses the bands' latest releases - "New Roofs" and "The Mariner", respectively.

Songs included:

Cape Farewell - A Whole Year In An

Cape Farewell - North Northeast

Be Still, Cody - Everyone's Everyone

Be Still, Cody - Dearly Dead

Cape Farewell - Sin-Eater


Cape Farewell's website:

Be Still, Cody's website:

Jun 27, 2015
003 - Slugbug

A special linkup with Paul Millar at his BUG SOUND facility in Austin, Texas. Paul discusses the variety of groups in Austin and elsewhere in which he is involved, including his solo effort SLUGBUG, the Pataphyics, the Tucker A&M Perry Foundation, and BOX TEAM. Martin also pays a special tribute to his favorite songs about living near some blinking lights.

Songs included:

SLUGBUG - Nervous Man Music

The Tucker A&M Perry Foundation - Perfect Salsa


Pataphysics - Shock Shock


SCARY MERCEDES - Shortwave Mystery/Bars & Tone

SLUGBUG - Computers Again

SLUGBUG's website:

Pataphysics' website:


Jun 20, 2015
002 - Lines&Lies

Ethan Rundlett, frontman and often sole proprietor of the Herndon indie-rock outfit Lines&Lies, appears to discuss his new album "All the Pictures of You with Arms Crossed", and his other musical projects.

Songs included:

Lines&Lies - Brand New Astronaut Tattoo

Lines&Lies - House Burning

Lines&Lies - Joysucker

Cape Farewell - A Whole Year In An Afternoon


Lines&Lies' website:

Cape Farewell's website:

Jun 13, 2015
001 - Echo

The Enclosed Instruction Book's debut features an interview with Shaun Ahmadpour of Echo, who discusses his latest album, "greyscale // all good things wild and free".

Songs included:

Echo - Sorry (Try Again)

Echo - Virginia Sends Her Love

Echo - Technibeat

Echo's website: