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The Enclosed Instruction Book is a podcast hosted by Martin Bonica which spotlights independent artists and musicians, primarily in the DC metro area. Each week, a different artist joins us in the studio to discuss their work and experiences.

The show was also broadcast on Fairfax Public Access from 2015 to 2016; edited versions of the show, in podcast form, can be found here as well.

Jul 5, 2017

This week, we're joined by Jimmy Romero, a prolific DIY artist from Sterling, frontman of solo projects Redephant and Broken Cartridge and member of bands Cazador and SCARY MERCEDES. We discussed recording equipment, the effect of using different tools on the artistic process, our experiences self-producing recordings, and influences.


Jimmy's projects:

Songs included:

Broken Cartridge - Not Even Hackers Use The Turbo Button

Devon Jones/Oh! My Glory Days - Kitten and Okra

Orange Marmalade - Who Cakes

Broken Cartridge - Desert Waves

Brett Berman and Danny Shyti - (selections from) Soul Confinement

SCARY MERCEDES - (selections from) Don't Get Your Hands Too Dirty, Put The Camera Down, Lost Cosmonaut, Empire Shock

Orange Marmalade - (selections from) Marmalade Can Jam

Cazador - Tragedy

Jimmy Romero - Excite

Redephant - Just There

Redephant - As If Nothing

Redephant - (Paragon of) Guilt

Redephant - Old Friend