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The Enclosed Instruction Book is a podcast hosted by Martin Bonica which spotlights independent artists and musicians, primarily in the DC metro area. Each week, a different artist joins us in the studio to discuss their work and experiences.

The show was also broadcast on Fairfax Public Access from 2015 to 2016; edited versions of the show, in podcast form, can be found here as well.

Jun 27, 2015

A special linkup with Paul Millar at his BUG SOUND facility in Austin, Texas. Paul discusses the variety of groups in Austin and elsewhere in which he is involved, including his solo effort SLUGBUG, the Pataphyics, the Tucker A&M Perry Foundation, and BOX TEAM. Martin also pays a special tribute to his favorite...

Jun 20, 2015

Ethan Andrew, frontman and often sole proprietor of the Herndon indie-rock outfit Lines&Lies, appears to discuss his new album "All the Pictures of You with Arms Crossed", and his other musical projects.

Songs included:

Lines&Lies - Brand New Astronaut Tattoo

Lines&Lies - House Burning

Lines&Lies - Joysucker


Jun 13, 2015

The Enclosed Instruction Book's debut features an interview with Shaun Ahmadpour of Echo, who discusses his latest album, "greyscale // all good things wild and free".

Songs included:

Echo - Sorry (Try Again)

Echo - Virginia Sends Her Love

Echo - Technibeat

Echo's website: